Release Notes

Release Notes

Yorkie Update 4

Yorkie goes international!   This update includes additions, changes and fixes for our multi-currency features.   There are also numerous other features and enhancement to Cloud Banking and other modules.

  • Bill Payments will only show Bill’s that have a currency that is matching that of the Bill Payments.   Other currencies may be viewed by clicking on  View Non-matching bills.  

View Non-matching bills

  • Foreign currency exchange rate reflects that of the cash receipt date, not the current date.

  • Expired discount terms will not be applied on Bill Payments.

  • Changing currency in Sales or Purchase documents automatically updates the Currency Code on the tab as well as the corresponding A/R and A/P accounts with the newly selected currency.

  • When creating a Cash Receipt or a Bill Payment, the pop-up window displaying invoices/bills shows only items with the same currency that was chosen on the Cash Receipt/Bill Payment.

  • Fixed an error when Bill Payments were created with no Payment Terms.

  • Credit Memos created from an Invoice with a $0 amount will able to be posted and will now update inventory.

  • Voided documents will not show up in the Cloud Banking match window.

  • Bill Payments or Payments that have been voided will not be able to be approved in Cloud Banking
  • When matching a transaction with a non-bank type account in Cloud Banking, the transaction will process as a transfer.  When both accounts are of type bank or credit card, it will process as a transfer. 
  • Bill Payments and Cash Receipts with a foreign currency can be matched with Bills and Invoices in the base currency.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.
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