Release Notes

Release Notes


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Enhancement: Emailing Reports 

Enhancement: All reports may now be sent out as an email in formats of PDF Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word text (txt) and comma separated value (csv) formats.


Enhancement: Customer / Vendor Central – Address available in Customer Vendor Central 

Custom Address columns such as city or address can be added in Customer/Vendor Central to display Customer’s/Vendor’s defined city or address in the list.




Enhancement: New Email Templates 

Enhancement: New email templates for emails generated from AccountingSuite.  New template has a place for you company’s logo and includes the customer name.  When the balance is zero the email will display $0.00 instead of being blank.



Various Fixes 

This release included various fixes throughout the system.   These include fixes for sorting in the Bank Reconciliation document  sales order prepayments voiding bill payments  and the application of over or under-payment to bills/invoices.


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