Dachshund 5

Dachshund 5

Release Date: April 4, 2019


  • On Bank Reconciliations, the statement balance from the previous reconciliation now pre-fills when creating a new reconciliation. (image)
  • Added an invoice status icon to the time tracking list screen. (image)
  • Totals in filtered lists are now available. (image)
  • Added the ability to export lists with grouped columns. (image)
  • Added Advanced Customization to the Statements custom print form. (image)
  • An “as of” date has been added to the Chart of Accounts for historical purposes. (image)
  • Added the ability to choose custom print form templates when emailing documents. (image)
  • Redesigned the compose email screen and added a mail merge feature with batch email capabilities (image).
  • Added an internal print form for Warehouse Transfers. (image)
  • Print Form templates may now be assigned to specific companies. (image)
  • A printed Bank Reconciliation may now easily be saved in the Attached Documents. (image)
  • Transactions after the closing date may now be added in Cloud Banking after accepting a warning window.
  • Multiple bank reconciliations from the same month may now be posted.
  • Cloud Banking transactions may easily be filtered by clicking a cell and choosing “filter by selected”. (image)
  • Added the choice to show or hide address matching screen when exact addresses exist.
  • Added the ability to select all matched transactions in Cloud Banking. (image)
  • Added the ability to show Unapproved Bank Transactions in Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Matched documents now use the Bank Date in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Approved documents will now be un-reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation when un-approving them in Cloud Banking.
  • The header in Bank Reconciliations may now be hidden to create more work space. (image)
  • Date has been renamed to Ledger Date in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Book balance has been named to Ledger Balance in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Filter by selection functionality is now available in Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Added a search feature for transactions in the Bank Reconciliation. (image)
  • A Bank Reconciliation wizard has been added to assist with the creation of new Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Un-matching and un-approval capabilities are now available in the approval history in Cloud Commerce and Cloud Payables.
  • An option to Save Period is available in the Cloud Banking period selection window.


  • Fixed an issue where an error about categorization rules appears after checking the credit card checkbox on other current liability accounts in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Projects on Quotes are now correctly filtered when the company field has been filled.
  • When grouping by category on list screens users will no longer receive “Object field not found (Assembly)” error.
  • Fixed an error that prevented Credit Memos from being created in Customer / Vendor Central.
  • The Shipment Cost field is now editable.
  • Inactive companies no longer appear on the Quick Entry screen.
  • Corrected validation when incorrect account type is present in the main posting account.
  • Fixed an error preventing the Dropship Sales report from running in certain situations.
  • Corrected an error that sometimes prevented time tracking records to be linked their corresponding invoice.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented approved Cloud Banking from displaying after restoring settings to default.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented proper sales tax figures from coming into AccountingSuite™️ from the source.
  • Multiple bank reconciliations from the same month may now be posted.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Banking that prevented Bills from being correctly matched.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented related document from opening when clicking on a transaction in Cloud Banking.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Payables that sometimes created an account in the Chart of Accounts with a blank code and/or order.
  • Filtered or sorted transactions are now left intact after taking action on a transaction instead of being reset.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bank Reconciliation totals from displaying correctly when changing view options.
  • Fixed an issue where Company value was reset when unchecking match lines in Cloud Banking.

Dachshund 4

Release Date: 1/31/2019

Dropship Makeover!

We’ve given dropshipping a little bit of beef – check out the new features.

  • Our Dropshipping features now allow your company to be in the role of the company selling the product, the dropship vendor or a combination of both.  
  • Created special Dropship Quotes, Dropship Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Dropship Sales Invoices.   Also Introduced the Dropship Delivery (figure 1) document that can be used in lieu of shipment/item receipt when your company doesn’t need to ever have the inventory on your books.  Printing this gives you a new Proof of Delivery document (Figure 2)
  • Dropship Purchase Orders may be created from individual lines on Sales Orders (see figure 1, (1) ) for the times when you can’t fulfill the order and relay on a third-party vendor.    All are tracked back to the Sales Order and a dropship status has been added (2)
Figure 1, Dropship Delivery
Figure 2, Proof of Delivery
Figure 3, Dropship POs from Sales Order Line Items

Dachshund 3

Release Date: 1/11/2019

Project Enhancements

Project Profitability Matrix

  • Redesigned the project profitability matrix – the customer list is now on the left with projects for the highlighted customer on right – very similar to the layout in customer / vendor central.   (1)
  • Show or Hide Columns easily with the new Column control or move them around with the arrows in the Control Bar. (2)
  • Drill down to individual transactions by clicking underlined figures. (3)
  • The Matrix now shows Project Totals (4)

Project Card

  • Enhanced the project detail card with project start and end dates and a more user-friendly experience.
  • Added expense and income charts and a Project Gantt chart.

Company Card

  • Company (customer) card now lists all projects for the customer in the project tab.
  • Double-click the project to view the Project Detail card.


  • Projects and Time tracking permissions are controlled at the user level.

Cloud Commerce

  • Updated address matching functionality which allows you to choose which fields and which addresses to update.
  • Better handling for orders without SKUs
  • Columns are more easily customized with the new Column Control.
  • Improved and more friendly UI
  • Improved handling of duplicate customer names
  • Added the choice to not use shipments on the store level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the shipment numbers printed multiple times on the printed sales invoice.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the saving of a user’s preferences to show/hide columns in the items grid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bank Reconciliation where totals were not updating when using the All | Cleared |Uncleared toggle.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Commerce where a space was added after a customer’s name in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where discounts were calculated incorrectly if the shipping cost was not zero.

Dachshund 2

Release Date: 12/7/2018

Happy Holidays!  

Here at AccountingSuite™  we have continued to take your feedback and make improvements to our software.   Our last release of this year has been completed and here we bring you the list of the changes we’ve made.   Thank you for being an Accountingsuite customer and we look forward to working with you in the new year!

Dachshund 2 Release Notes

New or enhanced features

  • Added a Creation Date for Statements.

  • Adjusted the fields on the Email screen for better visibility.
  • Changed the name of attached documents in emails to the name of the document being emailed.
  • Added the document number and date in the title on the Print Preview screen.

  • Added a new Vendor Payment report, available in all plans. 

  • Refactored the Bank Reconciliation Form, fixing several issues and adding additional features.

  • Added the ability to Un-Approve previously Approved transactions in Cloud Commerce.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented deleting a shipment after creating shipping labels.
  • Fixed an error where the Print Preview screen reported errors when large amounts of data was present.
  • Fixed an error where the report level did not match what was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Statements from being generated when Closing Date fell after the Statement Date.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Cash Receipts to be generated from Stripe charges when certain conditions were present.
  • Fixed multiple formatting issues with the Dropship Packing List Print Form.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bank Deposits from being created when Stripe transferred money to a bank account.


Release Date: 10/26/2018

Customizable Print Forms. Backordering enhancements. Serial number refactoring.   More new features than you can shake a stick at.


  • Added a field on Journal entries to indicate draft or posted status.

  • Reworked backordering for efficiency and reliability.
  • Moved Backordering information to a new section next to the lines.

  • Reworked serial number logic for added reliability.
  • Increased the size of the Sales Order number field to accommodate large order numbers coming in from eBay, Amazon and other integrated eCommerce vendors.
  • Changed Footers on all Sales Documents to be consistent.
  • Added descriptive names to Emailed attachments.

  • Added the ability to create and customize multiple print form templates for all print forms.

  • Reworked the footer display on all Print Forms.
  • Added filters and improved date range picking on the Check Register (now called the Payment Register)
  • Added the ability to set custom numbering for Cash Sales.
  • Improved page display when print forms print on multiple pages.
  • Updated print preview to show an actual preview of the document in PDF format.
  • Renamed fields in field pickers to be more descriptive and removed duplicates.
  • Changed the display of footers on print forms to display at the very bottom of the page regardless of content.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of Bill Payment in the Test Company.
  • Fixed a bug that brought in incorrect subtotals in certain transactions from integrated eCommerce vendors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented posting deposits if documents contained lines that had been partially deposited.

Corgi 10

  • Added the ability to unlink sales orders from time tracking records (see Figure 1, below)
  • Renamed Projects / Jobs to Projects / Time to more accurately reflect the menu items and content. (Figure 2.)
  • Changed the date selectors in Statements to match other date selectors for consistency. (Figure 3.)
  • Added a Customer filter to Income Statement by Project. (Figure 4.)
  • Limited the list of projects displayed in Projects / Time to only open projects. (Figure 5.)
  • Enhanced the project budgeting feature. (Figure 6.)
  • Added Return Address to Credit Memo print form. (Figure 7.)
  • Fixed footers on Cash Receipt and Credit Memo print forms.
  • Reports now default to the chosen accounting method, cash or accrual. (Figure 8)
  • Made the Contact Name field consistent on all print forms.

Figure 1
Figure 2, Projects / Time Menu

Figure 3, Period selection window in Statements.

Figure 4, Company filter in Income Statement by Project.

Figure 5, Project Selection list in time entry now only shows active projects.

Figure 6, Project Budgeting

Figure 7, Credit Memo print form.

Figure 1, unlinking a Sales Order from a time tracking record

Corgi 9

Description here

► Customer Statements now have email templates!  Use new mail merge tags to send Customer Statements en masse and still be personal!  Multiple templates my be saved to make your communications just the way you want them.    Set common text and then personalize one or more emails even further.

►  We also optimized printing multiple statements – no more Wait or Quit message!  Print as many as you want!

► If multiple statements are created for a company, one email with all statements/supporting documents in created and can be sent together.

► Improved the process for changing user rights when that user was logged in.

► In the Bank Register, we re-worded an error message that was not very user friendly when attempting to change the amount on a Cloud Banking transaction.  Also improved the handling of changing amounts in Bank Registers for transactions that were approved through Cloud Banking.

► Sales Orders may now be created from a time-tracking record if one does not exist.   All fields will be automatically populated.

► On Sales transaction entry forms, we limited the list of available companies to choose from to just Customer and Customer/ Vendor companies.  For Purchase transaction entry forms, only Vendors and Customer / Vendor companies will be available.

► Fixed an issue when working with clearing accounts that was marking certain transactions as reconciled, therefore preventing them from appearing on reconciliations.

► Bank transfers may be completed with bank accounts that have different currencies.

► Sales Invoices may be emailed multiple times, and payments may be made from any email send from the invoice until the balance reaches zero.

Corgi 8

August 30, 2018

  • When generating shipping labels, a carrier balance will show if available.
  • A new service based invoice has been added.  It’s now available in the business edition as the default template and is an option in Professional editions and above.
  • Only companies marked as customers will appear in the drop-downs for sales documents and those marked as vendors in purchase documents.
  • A bug in that prevented making certain changes in a small subset of sub-assemblies was fixed.
  • Customer Statements may now be generated for all customers with the click of one button.
  • Invoices for multiple customers may now be creating from Time tracking records.
  • Time tracking record list now shows Invoice status if billed.
  • A bug that prevented transactions in clearing accounts from Cloud Commerce from showing up in Reconciliations has been fixed.
  • When creating a consignment location, the chosen company is now automatically converted to a consignee upon save.
  • A location field has been added to the line items in Cash Sales.
  • If a location is changed to a consignment location on a warehouse transfer, the document is updated accordingly to include the proper fields and consignment designation.

Corgi Update 7

August 17, 2018

  • Improved the workflow and usability when emailing multiple statements to more than one company.
  • Added the option to Print Customer Statements directly from Customer / Vendor Central.
  • Generated Customer Statements now are listed along with the other transactions in Customer/ Vendor Central.
  • Added versioning in the Customer Statement Audit Log.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented printing multiple Customer Statements.

Corgi 7Corgi 7 is here! Check out all of the awesome new functionality and bug fixes here.

Customer Statement Enhancements

Project / Time Tracking Enhancements

  • Added a column in the Time Tracking list indicating whether or not the record is billed or unbilled.
  • Time Tracking Create button not offers the choice of a single or multiple record input form.
  • The hours column is clickable and shows the records associated with the number of hours in the column.
  • Changed the multiple record entry form to allow for the rapid entry of time tracking records by moving the common fields to the top and laying out the entry similar the Bank Register.
  • Added copy buttons to facilitate rapid entry.
  • If a sales order does not exist for a time tracking record(s), the system will offer to create one for you.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Assemblies may now be disassembled.
  • Serial numbers are now not required on item receipts if the checkbox on the item detail regarding serial numbers and item receipts is not checked.
  • The description field on the location detail has been expanded to display 50 characters. 
  • The item pop-up list that appears when selecting the item to transfer on warehouse transfers now displays price.
  • Consignments have arrived!  The new functionality includes indicators on the location, customer, cash sale and warehouse transfer forms that the object is related to consignment.     A new consignment report has also been provided as well as a field to add the consignment fees.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Shipping costs calculated and brought in via the Shipstation integration now populate on shipment document and are not editable.

Corgi Update 6

July 26th, 2018

  • We’ve added Landed Costs! Once enabled, it adds a tab by the items list on Item Receipts where you can add all of the costs associated with the getting the product from your vendor to you and have a more accurate cost of goods sold.
Landed Costs

Landed Costs

  • A new purchase variance account has been added to account for differences of amounts between bills and purchase returns.
  • An update was made to the Paypal integration – users paying with PayPal are no longer required to create a Paypal account to use the service.
  • Serial numbers have been streamlined and now have validation to ensure that what goes out can’t go out again.

Corgi 4

June 29, 2018


  • Negative numbers are now shown in parenthesis instead of with a negative sign (-).   The format can be changed by right clicking and choosing ‘format’.
  • Headers are repeated on each report page.
  • The ability to add charts on reports has been added.
  • Regardless of the number of decimals chosen in settings, numbers on reports will default to two decimal places.  This may be changed by right clicking and choosing ‘format’
  • Period has been renamed “Fiscal” or “Calendar” depending on the setting in the Accounting tab in Settings.
  • Inactive companies may be filtered from reports.

Cloud Commerce

  • Added Cloud Commerce audit logs entries.
  • Improved the UI to only allow approval of orders when it was possible to do so.
  • Improved the readability of Cloud Commerce messages.
  • Improved Product Matching algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented email address from getting to AccountingSuite™ from ShipStation.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect time zones were being displayed for certain date fields.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the bill status to be incorrectly display as paid on bills that had expenses but no items.

Corgi 3

June 14, 2018

  • Purchase Returns may now be generated from Item Receipts.
  • Purchase Returns now use Weighted Average Cost or FIFO Cost layer instead of Expected Cost when performing calculations.
  • When over billing or over invoicing, the software will create a new line for the excess quantity.  User will be prompted to enter a reason for the over billing or over invoicing.

  • Created an Inventory Shipped not Yet Invoiced state that uses clearing accounts to account for orders that have been shipped but not yet invoiced.  This works very similarly to the Items Received not yet Billed functionality.
  • Item Receipts and Inventory Adjustments now included when calculating Item Last Cost.
  • Serial numbers are now checked for uniqueness on Shipments

  • When posting Sales Invoice, Shipment or Cash Sale, a dialog will inform you if there is a shortage of any items at the specified locations and give you the option to change the quantity or location.    The quantities available at each location will be shown so that the user can make an informed choice.

  • In Lots, the Vendor Code type has been renamed to Lot Number.

  • Purchase Returns will longer allow a quantity greater than that on the Bill/Item Receipt.
  • Fixed an issue where Customer/Vendor field was cleared when choosing a Sales Invoice/Bill during the creation of Credit Memos/Purchase Returns.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message “Failed to posting a bill payment” after posting a PO that had been previously posted.
  • Fixed an issue when assigning serial numbers that provided an incorrect count needed.