Release Notes

Release Notes


Browser and OS Specific Improvements

  • Chrome 

    • Fixed an issue for Chrome Users where when all popups were allowed, editing the date field on Sales Orders forces the app to restart.

  • FireFox Browser

    • Fixed an issue with FireFox 43.0.1 when installing the 1C: Enterprise Add-on where the message would say it could be corrupted.

  • Internet Explorer 11 

    • Limited to users of Internet Explorer 11, fixed an issue with the Tooltip display where there was a typo.

  • Microsoft Edge

    • For Microsoft Edge browser users, fixed an issue with the Reports drill down.

    • For Microsoft Edge users, fixed an issue with Cloud Banking where re-categorizing leads lead to an infinite process.

  • Safari

    • Fixed an issue for Safari users where the copy/paste UPC code was performing incorrectly.

  • Windows 7 (64 Bit) and FireFox

    • Limited to the users of Windows 7 (64 Bit) and FireFox, the user is not able to export reports to Excel.

General Improvements

  • Fixed a display issue where the method name on Cash Receipts was not displayed correctly on the Print Preview.

  • Improved Reports to reflect once settings are adjusted, the “Create Report” button becomes “Run Report.”

  • Fixed an issue with the Items Search.

  • Fixed an issue where Added Items are not showing up in the popup window for the Sales Order page.

  • Fixed an issue where errors appeared when sorting by document type in the register.

  • Fixed an issue in the user interface where the Vendors 1099 “more” menu in the Settings was cut off.

  • Fixed an issue in Cash Sales where the quantity was unable to be edited.

  • Fixed a rendering error for Sales Invoices where the “no payment” image should only be visible if the sales invoice isn’t completely paid.

  • Fixed an issue when attempting to edit the Payment amount in Bill Payment results.

  • Fixed an issue in Bank Reconciliations where an error was generated when a Sort was attempted.

  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling wasn’t working correctly for Lists.

  • Fixed an issue with the home page display where the window size was incorrect due to unnecessary scroll bars.

  • Displayed columns have a general cosmetic improvement

  • Fixed a 1C platform limitation that did not allow skipping a field when the Tab key is used. Now this works in the Sales Invoice and Bill documents. There is no change when items are edited.

  • Fixed an issue where there was no ability to edit the input if document posting fails because of an error in the Items List.

  • Fixed truncated Menu Items.

  • Fixed an issue on customization of settings where any attempt to add fields terminated the app.

  • Fixed an issue for printing documents where Letter sized paper was not accepted over the A4 default.

  • Fixed an issue where the app attempts to show a modal window when the incorrect value is set.

  • In case users enter an invalid date, it can now be fixed by the user instead of having a pop-up error.

  • Fixed an issue for Customer Vendor Central-Sales invoice where the user was unable to edit a Sales Invoice document after an error popped up from creating a document.

  • Fixed an issue with the calculator where whatever value the cursor is hovering over, that value gets put into a mismatched field.

  • Fixed a rendering error with the Sales Invoice when attempting to post a document with insufficient quantity.

  • Improved the 1C:E Standard page setup to correctly memorize changed settings.

  • Fixed a misspelling on the Save Screen.

  • Fixed an issue when a favorite was removed from the favorites list where the user would receive a pop-up message and be kicked out.

  • Fixed an issue with the Customer/Vendor Central transactions list where the create button sub-menu does not appear correctly.

  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Banking regarding approving transactions correctly, specifically reflecting the filtered or unfiltered selection.

  • Fixed an issue when lists were opened and the export list option was selected.

  • Fixed an issue involving a notification regarding “data has not yet been recorded” when navigating from a new company record to address.

  • Fixed an issue where report output did not reflect changed settings when dimmed.

  • Fixed an issue in the Bank account field where the Cash Receipt and Cash Sale controls were reversed.

  • Fixed an issue where field controls are flipped potentially if there was a change in field visibility.

  • Fixed an issue where the window close icon was not consistently performing.

  • Fixed an issue when entering numbers from a calculator with decimals.

  • Improved Google Mail previews of PDFs so that text is not garbled.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple months were being shown incorrectly in the calendar control where it takes over half the screen and the form jumps around.

  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where “Bank Accounting Online” was cut off on the desktop.

  • Fixed an issue where help pop-ups appeared in random locations.

  • Fixed an error that generated an Excel error when trying to open an exported General Ledger file.

  • Improved the visibility of the menu so that “General Ledger Settings Tab” displayed correctly and does not get cut off.

  • Improved viewing options on financial reports to be able to not have merged cells for viewing.

  • Improved the functionality of Cash Receipts and Cash Sales by making it possible to copy an existing item to create a new item.

  • Fixed an error where an error message appears on logout when the report form is opened.

  • Auto-Approvals are enabled for Bookkeeper edition and BAO exclusively. If Auto-approve is enabled (there’s a checkbox for that), the set categorization rule will be applied automatically.

  • Created categorization rules for the Auto-Approval function. This includes a mandatory Company field when combined with an A/R or A/P account type.

  • Fixed an issue on the Audit Log where usernames were missing.

  • Renamed the Bank Transaction tab on the bank card to be reworded to “Import Settings” and renamed the CSV tab to be “CSV Mapping.”

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