Release Notes

Release Notes

Westie Update


We’ve made a few enhancements to the West Highland White Terrier update from March 2017.

Cloud Banking

  • Enabled the Auto-Approval feature and rules for all versions of AccountingSuite. This includes the Default Bank Check/Deposit accounts as well.
  • Added sorting buttons to the Excluded transactions tab in Cloud Banking.
  • In Bank Register, documents may now be opened using a mouse right-click and choosing “Open”.
  • Made User Interface improvements in the Period selection when importing transactions from a bank file such as .ofx or csv.
  • Improved sort functionality in Cloud Banking for all tabs.
  • Created the option to disconnect a bank feed and revert back to the File Upload method.
  • Cloud Banking improved to show vendor or customer in gray on matched line items.
  • Expanded user functionality by creating the ability to do a global search from the Cloud Banking module and Unapproved section.
  • Made Approved transactions easier to view by improving the sort options.
  • Unapproved transactions in Cloud Banking utilize text wrapping in description to improve readability.
  • Cloud Banking now includes option to freeze first column to allow ease of use with lower resolution screens.
  • Cloud Banking sorting feature now includes the New/Match/Transfer column for more flexibility.
  • Cloud Banking start date for bank feeds can now be changed by Admin Users.

User Experience

  • Made the projects field wider on Sales Invoices so that the entire project name will display.
  • File Upload experience and process has been improved in Cloud Banking by forcing users to select a correct period prior to upload.


  • Project and Class fields are now displayed in the Approved transaction list.
  • Improved the accuracy of the auto-categorization feature in Cloud Banking for G/L account column.
  • Projects/Jobs has been renamed to Project Profitability Matrix.
  • When creating a payment in the Bank Register, the default Remit To address from the company addresses will automatically fill.
  • A popular request from our Accountants: projects and classes are now supported in Manual Categorization Rules! 

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