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Release Notes





This new product release is brought to you by the West Highland White Terrier, affectionately known as a Westie. 

This cutie hails from Scotland with its characteristic fluffy white coat. It typically weighs 15-20 pounds at 10-11 inches tall. Occasionally confused with the similar white Maltese Terrier, the distinguishing trait is the characteristically pointed and erect ears. 

Its fun temperament makes it a hit with kids and families. This is a popular dog for its low maintenance and hypoallergenic coat for those who cannot deal with shedding or allergies. Independent, self-assured and loyal, the Westie is always on the move. They tend to be highly interested in toys, especially chasing balls. Once trained to hunt for vermin and rodents in mines, they still retain their earth dog instincts for being investigative and inquisitive.

Like our favorite scotch whiskeys, the Westie is highly social. It is the most friendly and jolly of all the Scottish breeds of terriers. Also, like fine scotch, the Westie’s hardy nature can lead to stubbornness such as barking and digging holes. For the owners or the dog, you might ask? The jury is still out. 

In this spirit of a fun, cute and cheerful companion with a penchant for toys, we present to you a smorgasbord of bells and whistles to make your accounting experience simple and more enjoyable.


  • Fixed an issue where shipping labels were having errors when the weight unit was set to ounces.

  • Fixed a cosmetic display issue on shipping labels when USPS is the selected carrier and appeared on the shipment and invoice documents.

  • Massively improved error handling for service, package and carrier settings for improved Shipping Labels.

  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Shipping Label for the Shipping Date. Also improved casing to be consistent across a few headers.

  • Improved Shipstation to inform the user with a confirmation when the user clicks “Get Carriers and Packages” in the settings. Also removed an error that could happen.

  • Improved several cosmetic elements of Shipments including the Shipping Label notification when generating a Shipping Label from an unposted (new) shipment document. Fixed a spacing issue on the Shipping Label for the Shipping Date. Also improved casing to be consistent across a few headers.

  • Cleaned up and improved the workflow for Cash Receipts & Bill Payments for discounts. Previously, it does not post and did not inform the user of the issue.

  • Improved several cosmetic aspects to the Shipping document. Added the “Dropship” attribute, improved the workflow based on if Dropship is Off or On. Improved the addresses on the “Dropship” tab to be on the “Addresses” tab instead when “Dropship” checkbox is selected on the “Main” tab. Also moved the address description to below the address field as well as ensuring that “Ship From” to always be available and just based on the “Multiple locations” setting.

  • Improved the Shipping Label to have more relevant and specific user messages when insufficient information is provided.

  • Improved printing of Shipping Labels where an error message could possibly generate.

  • Updated several aspects of Shipping Labels from the header to selecting a date, lined up buttons for easier navigation, renamed buttons to be more intuitive, improved miscellaneous workflow, added a new save option and more.

  • Improved printing of Shipping Labels where an error message could possibly generate.

Sales Orders and Sales Invoices

  • Smoothed out an issue when generating a sales invoice from a sales order where the lot number was not carried over.

  • Improved the Sales Order and Sales Invoice with a “What you see is what you get” option to the body of the email popup.

  • Cosmetically improved the Sales Invoice and Sales Order email popup by moving it to be below the email fields for easier visibility. Moved the body field as well with the Formatting bar.

  • Cash Receipt and Bill Payments

    • Improved the process of applying discounts to Cash Receipts and Bill Payments.

    • Fixed an issue in Bill Payments and Cash Receipts where a null value would be displayed instead of the correct “0.00” for certain calculations.

    • Updated the column headers under Cash Receipts and Bill Payments to be more user-friendly.

    • Improved Cash Receipts and Bill Payments by updating the name of the type columns and labels to be more intuitive.

    Cash Receipt

    • Improved the Cash Receipt List by changing the type column to “Deposit Status.”

    • Updated keyboard shortcuts for Cash Receipts. The “Ins” and the F4 key is now disabled to prevent the user from creating additional entries by mistake.

    Item Receipt

    • Improved error handling when attempting to generate a Bill on a closed item Receipt. An empty document is no longer created.

    • Fixed an issue with hotkey access when posting an item receipt with a manually selected purchase order. This is the prevent the “F4” key from creating additional entries by mistake.

  • Sales Invoice

    • Updated the Sales Invoice to be more cosmetically friendly with improved Boolean logic and workflow around the “Dropship” selection.

    • Improved the Sales Invoice Print Form so that the Dropship address should be displayed on the Sales Invoice form when the Dropbox checkbox is selected and on.

    Cloud Banking

    • Fixed an issue with cloud banking where the matching form doesn’t display documents if the period end is not selected.

    • Fixed an issue with Cloud Banking where the transaction is not displayed as “Split” on deposit matching.

    C/V Central

    • Improved customer/vendor central for all lists by making it possible to copy transactions with the ability to create a new transaction based on an existing one.

    • Fixed an issue in Customer/Vendor central where an error would appear when clicking on the parent Customer/Vendor on the list.


    • Improved the Sandbox to show different options when creating a sandbox: Create from Live Data, create from Demo Data or Erase Data/NoData.

    • The term “Sandbox” was changed to “Test Company/SandBox” because new users and accountants do not necessarily know what a sandbox is.

    Audit Log

    • Improved the Audit Log record to show when a Document had a “Cleared Posting” event.

    Assembly Build

    • Improved the assembly build print form for the footer settings and overall appearance.


    • Improved the user experience with the Avalara integration for Avatax. When it is not configured, the “Validate” option is not displayed to prevent confusion.

    Credit Email

      • Did a quick edit with the Credit Memo where the internal and external memo controls have different heights. Made the shorter basketball team taller.

    Credit Memo and Purchase Return

        • Renamed fields on the Purchase Return & Credit Memo to be more user-friendly. “Purchase Invoice” is now “Bill #” and “Sales Invoice” is “Sales Invoice #.”


          • Improved Deposits to automatically recalculate totals when the Amount Deposited changes.


          • To make more sense, “Cost” has been changed to “Expected Cost” on the item card.

    Journal Entries

          • Fixed an issue on Journal Entries where the company entered would not be displayed.

    Packing List

          • Quick cosmetic change on the Packing List where the label for “Terms” should say “Date.”

    Print Forms

          • Improved the cosmetics of the footer alignment on printed forms.

    Purchase Order

          • Improved the Purchase Order cosmetics by changing the column header from “Invoiced” to “Billed.”


          • Ironed out a cosmetic display issue with Purchase Documents where generating new documents can fail.


          • Improved the process of navigating the register where the register title was not displayed unless an account is chosen. This is especially confusing for new users where this could look like an error. 

    Serial Numbers

          • Improved the user experience by helping to prevent adding duplicate serial numbers to lists. A notification will now alert the user should this happen.


        • Made it easier to view related documents by using the “Transactions” link from Document and from Lists (highlighted document). Documents can now be accessed from the document relationship ship.

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