Release Notes

Release Notes


Cruising down the alphabet, this new update is brought to you by Vizsla. 

This dog hails from Hungary (known locally as a Magyar Vizsla) for its prowess as a sporting dog and its loyalty.

Physically, it’s one of the smallest all-round pointer-retriever breeds at 40-65 pounds. It’s famous for being a keen hunter of fowl and upload game. What sets it apart among sporting dogs is its role as a well-known household companion and family dog (have you ever had a Beagle in the house?)

Temperament wise, they are gentle-mannered, affectionate, sensitive with a renowned fearless protective instinct. 

In this spirit, the Vizsla is aptly chosen to represent this release for its focus on user friendliness and cosmetic upgrades for an easier user experience. 


This product update is a smidge different than the previous ones. This was more of a smorgasbord of many user-friendly changes and improvements that been waiting. Many were suggested by our users! Thank you for all the constant feedback!

There are so many unique changes that we found it easiest just to list them by the associated module or function below. 

Or watch this 12-minute video of the highlights!

Four legged all terrain vehicle!

Four legged all terrain vehicle!


  • A/P  Aging Report

    • Improved A/P Aging Report’s Purchase Return, specifically the bill description from a “Credit Memo” to be a “Purchase Return.”
    • Expanded A/P Aging Report to define report filters by Vendors. Also renamed
      report title, header and footer on on AP and AR aging reports.

  • Aging Reports
    • Improved Aging Reports by bringing back the Settings button and the coveted ability to filter by customer.
  • Bank Reconciliation

    • Fixed an issue in Bank Reconciliations where an error message would appear when deleting lines of a transaction that has already been cleared.
    • Improved Bank Reconciliation error message to reference the relevant reconciliation number in the documents list instead of an unhelpful generic message.
    • Bank Reconciliations have been improved to be organized as “Cleared,” “Uncleared” and “All” for easier viewing.
    • Removed the ability to save mode (as a draft) from Bank reconciliation.
    • Improved Bank Reconciliations by renaming the transaction list filter option from “Non-cleared” to “Uncleared.”
    • Improved Bank Reconciliation by not allowing duplicate bank reconciliations.
    • Improved the Bank Reconciliation workflow by hiding the delete option from the Bank Reconciliation menu.
    • Improved Bank Reconciliation so that transactions to be unapproved are highlighted when opening up Bank reconciliation.
    • Improved Bank Reconciliation by hiding the delete option from the Bank Reconciliation menu.
    • Improved Bank Reconciliation with several interface improvements: moved buttons, reworded button names, reworded text and button navigation to be more user-friendly.
  • Bank Reconciliation, Cloud Banking
    • Optimized the workflow between Cloud Banking and Banking Reconciliations so that cleared transactions that needed be reconciled must first be changed in Cloud Banking.
  • Bank Register
    • Fixed an issue in the Bank register where manually created transactions were marked as split.
  • Bill Payments

    • Improved Bill Payments in the “Balance Due” column to display values as right-hand oriented as one option as well as displaying positive/negative values in an aligned column.
  • Bills

    • Fixed an error when generating a Bill from a Purchase Order.
    • Improved an error message with correct instructions when default accounts are not present for items when creating a bill. 
  • Cash Memos, Cash Receipts
    • Improved the A/R labeling for Credit Receipts and Credit Memos.
  • Cash Receipts

    • Added a Cash Receipt print setting on the footer to include the center option.
    • Improved the notification on Cash Receipts when credits have non-matching A/R accounts.
  • Cloud Banking

    • Improved cloud banking by adding an option to hide and show extra columns (Last Updated, Date Imported, Last Updated By)
  • Cloud Commerce

    • Fixed an issue with BigCommerce where customer data was not sending to Itembase correctly.
  • Documents 

    • Added helpful input hints and a tool tip to clarify who can see external versus internal notes.
    • Fixed the footer for print forms when there is an image in the footer.
  • Item Receipts

    • Improved Item Receipts with a better notification when postings fail. It provides instructions on what to do.
    • Fixed an issue on Item receipts where the list doesn’t behave normally when adding serial numbers after several numbers have already been added.
    • Improved the label on Item Receipts from “Qty” to “Qty Rec’d”
    • Fixed an issue where creating bills from existing Item Receipts does not work.
  • Items

    • Improved the process of copying an Item in assembly in Items Inventory so that the new Item Number autopopulates.
  • Lists

    • Lists are now available by default on the menu after Reports!
    • Under lists, Classes and Salesperson, Price levels and Payment methods are added back.
  • Memos

    • Improved Memo Tab labels to be more user-friendly and clear on what is visible to AccountingSuite users and what will be shown publicly.
  • Print Forms
    • Improved print forms to display negative amounts with a minus (no parentheses) for the Check Print (Bill Payment), Cash Receipt Print and Statement.
  • Project and Time Tracking

    • Added Project and Time tracking features for the Bookkeeper edition. For the other editions, project tracking is available in Cloud Banking, Bank Register, Journal Entries, Deposits and Payments.
  • Sales Invoices

    • Improved an issue on the Sales invoice & Sales orders where the discount amount is not updated on changing lines.
  • Sales Invoice, Sales Orders

    • Improved an issue on the Sales invoice & Sales orders where the discount amount is not updated on changing lines.
  • Sales Invoice Packing Lists

    • For improved consistency, improved the Sales Invoice Packing List form’s Carrier information field of “Ship via” to be renamed, “Delivery Method” for consistency with other documents and print forms.
  • Sales Invoices

    • Fixed a formatting issue between company names and address if there is no contact on Sales Invoices.
  • Sales Orders

    • Added “Ship via” information on the carrier used to Sales Orders. This enables warehouse teams know to separate between FedEx or UPS shipments for example.
    • Fixed an issue on printing Sales Orders when saving empty Ship to and Bill to addresses.
    • Fixed an error with Sales Orders and renamed columns to be more user-friendly.
    • Fixed Sales Orders where it attempts to calculate Sales Tax with Avalara when sales tax is disabled.
    • Improved Sales Orders, Shipments, Sales Invoice and fixed print forms by renaming the “Carrier” field to “Delivery Method.”
  • Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

    • For Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, balance due amount is added.
  • Sales Statements

    • Fixed an issue on Sales Statements where a bizarre error message was triggered when the “From date” is later than the “To date.”
  • Shipments

    • Do your happy dance: Shipments now have serial numbers!
  • Shipstation

    • Fixed an error with Shipstation where if you click the button to get carriers and packages without hitting save first, an error message is generated. Now this is improved to include helpful troubleshooting instructions.
    • Made Shipstation easier to use by moving the “Test Label” checkbox next to the “Print Shipping Labels” button and making the checkbox default to be NOT checked.
  • Statements
    • Improved statements by changing “show list” to “show customers.”
  • WalkMe Guide

    • Added the WalkMe download link to the Start page. WalkMe is a personal guide of step-by-step instructions for processes and tasks.
  • Warehouse Transfers

    • Improved the process of a copying a warehouse transfer to also autofill the warehouse transfer number.




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