Release Notes

Release Notes

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff (Canis lupus familiaris) find itself home among the nomadic tribes in present-day China, India, Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet. It was used to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, tigers and the fearsomely Mustelids (distant cousin to the irreverent NSFW Honeybadger).  

The Tibetan Mastiff is not actually descended from the historic Mastiff first bred by the Greeks and proliferated throughout the Roman Empire. 
(Obligatory Monty Python plug)

When Europeans first scaled the Himalayas into Tibet, they referred to all large dog breeds as the misnomer “Mastiff.” Their weight class can vary from 100-160 pounds with a double coat colored in variety of solid blacks, tans, a red tint and splashes of white. Like all flock guardian breeds, they are intelligently stubborn and benefit from socialization obedience training.

Not recommended for first time dog owners. 

Last zoology etymological lesson, the Tibetan Mastiff is bred for altitude and thriving as a flock guardian (especially nocturnally) against predators in demanding, harsh environments.

In the same spirit, this new release brings a 30,000 foot view to your business accounting with our new audit log and other improvements. 


  • Improved the existing audit log, both for the global level and down to each transaction. This includes historical tracking, filters, criteria, custom date ranges, looking up deleted entries and authorship.
    • Audit logs will be available for no less than 7 years from the current date to accommodate best practices for: 
      • IRS general record keeping recommendations
      • Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance
      • HIPAA compliance
      • Combatting fraud
      • Lending/funding requests
      • Combating compliance infractions
      • Business operational needs
  • The search feature has been improved to be more user friendly by fixing a performance issue where the screen would freeze if the search string was not completed quickly.

  • The purchase order screen is improved with the order of items under the ‘Generate’ button to be: prepayment, item receipt, bill

  • Optimized the ShipStation label interface. 

Updates and Fixes

  • Improved Sales Orders so that backordered quantities are now shown as a default.

  • Enabled Sales Invoices and Packing Lists to show backordered quantities.

  • Emailed Sales Orders and Sales Invoices are improved with a “Pay Now” Button for Customers to choose the amount to pay.” 

  • Improved Sales Orders by renaming the display option for backordered quantities to “Show Quantity Backordered” and renamed the printed Sales Order column to “Backordered.”

  • Fixed a small typo when generating the shipping label screen.

  • Fixed an error notification when bill payments are posted with deposit documents such as bounced checks. 

  • Improved the process of applying cash receipts for customers that have open credits. This process was improved by changing the default tab from “Credits” to “Invoices” when creating a cash receipt.

  • Fixed an issue where the discount field is editable but the input is treated as a payment.

  • Fixed an issue where item card cost does not match the price precision decimals (cost is suppose to be 2 decimals).

  • Improved the Bill Payment to Bill workflow where previously the user had to manually select the already selected Bill for calculations.

  • Fixed a Sales Order Form Customization issue where the Total and Prepayment columns were not displaying consistently when the multi-currency option was disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where payments and credits on print forms will now be displayed as a negative amount with parentheses.

  • Improved the Budgets module by adding more choices to the year selection.

  • For easier viewing, removed the help menu bar on forms.

  • Fixed formatting issues with the footer when printing sales invoices.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the settings page to be opened twice.

  • Bill payment and cash receipt process has been dramatically improved so prepayments, credits and overpayments is a more intuitive process. 

  • Fixed a formatting issue (missing space) on the addressee between the first and last name.

  • Fixed a DBMX error in Sales Orders and Cash Receipts when re-posting previously created documents.

  • Fixed the PO Transactions list where an error in the bill record would list in transactions for every single item billed.

  • Fixed a check printing issue where the Balance Due column does not show the Balance Due when applicable.

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