Release Notes

Release Notes

St. Bernard

With the success of our last release, the Rottweiler, we’ve chosen a distant cousin as our next dog mascot—the St. Bernard!

The iconic St. Bernard is a friendly giant that can reach over up to 300 pounds (140 kg). It descends from one of the largest dog breeds in history, the Alpine Mastiff which was even larger than the St. Bernard (if you can imagine that!). It’s large body volume to low surface area was the ideal cold climate strategy for heat retention and was fully utilized for alpine rescues in the Alps.

This release focuses on multi-faceted user experience improvements, customization and interface enhancements. 


  • New ability to email recurring documents (sales invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, etc.)  

  • Enabled zero dollar amounts to be included on budget report calculations

  • New filtering feature on Income Statement reports (both accrual and cash basis) can be run on the customer/vendor basis.

  • Cash Basis P&L may not be split out by customer vendor

  • Added currency code on printed forms for Sales Quotes, Credit Memos and Purchase Returns

  • Drop down fields under Account are limited to only P&L accounts for more user friendliness in the Budget module.

  • The columns shown in Customer/Vendor Central may now be customized by adding or removing them based on user preference

  • When Batch Email processes are completed for sending multiple documents such as sales invoices, a confirmation message is not printed upon completion

  • When printing the Chart of Accounts, the system now presents the user with a choice of where to save the exported PDF file

  • Bills may now be created from a Purchase Order rather than the Item Receipt

  • When creating Units of Measure, users will now be presented with a dropdown list of available units instead of a text box. This includes the ability to create custom units of measure


  • Enhanced the appearance and usability of the Sales Order and Sales Invoice print screens

  • Changed the title in Register to “Credit Card Register” when working with a credit card account

  • Reorganized the Settings into logical groups based on module

  • Changed an error message in Credit Memos to be more user-friendly

  • Changed the confirmation message when creating a Sales Order prepayment to be more user-friendly

  • Moved the sales tax components in the Sales Invoice to be consistent with the Sales Order form



  • Fixed a printing issue where website addresses were cut off

  • Fixed an editing issue for Cash Receipts for the payment field

  • Fixed an issue in Payments that allowed drafts to be saved with negative amounts

  • Fixed an issue where the price field would be cleared after changing quantity on Sales Quotes

  • Accounts may no longer be duplicated in a single year in the Budget tool

  • Fixed an issue where an Avatax Address Validation message would appear in cases where the user was not using the feature

  • Fixed an incorrect label for the ‘Remit to’ field

  • Fixed an issue where a custom field could not be saved if the ‘Is Required’ checkbox was utilized

  • Fixed an issue with exporting Chart of Accounts where only the last account would be exported in a few specific cases

  • Fixed an issue where the user would be presented with an error when selecting filters in the Income Statement report

  • Fixed an issue with the display of individual amounts in the Budget module that occurred before saving was addressed

  • Fixed an issue in the Budgets module that would create two lines when copying a previous item

  • Fixed an issue where editing the quantity in Sales Orders and Sales Quotes resulted in an error

  • Addressed an issue that prevented the user from clicking the Add button in register the first time it was accessed

  • Changed the display of negative figures on the Sales Invoice print forms. Negative amounts are now displayed surrounded by parentheses, e.g. (45.99)

  • Fixed typos in several messages around bill payments and prepayments

  • Fixed an issue where the federal tax id would not display correctly (when enabled) on the Sales Order print form

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