Release Notes

Release Notes

Queensland Heeler

  • Added Customer PO/ Ref# to the Pick List.

  • Added a Default Remit To Address on the Customer Card which may be added on Bill Payments (checks). The contact entered here will print in the Pay to Order of field when the check is printed.

  • Added the capability to disable Items and Companies.

  • The Promise Date will now be printed on the Sales Order forms.

  • The Quick Report may now be run from the Inventory Item card.

  • Added the ability to export to Excel filtered lists from Cloud Banking / Unapproved and Register.

  • An assembly build waste account may now be specified in Settings.

  • Added a Page Setup button on the print preview page.

  • Added the Payment Method on line items in Deposits.

  • Fixed a rare bug that cause the Check Register report to generate incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Billing Contact did not display even when selected to show in settings.

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the error message “Cannot convert value to numeric” when uploading a file using the file upload feature.

  • Improved the formatting for the Income Statement Detail Report when using the Export to Excel feature.

  • Corrected a display issue in the Income Statement.

  • Fixed a rare bug where credit memo did not appear on the aging report.

  • Reworded the pop-up instructions on how to generate the Vendor 1099 report.

  • Fixed a rare bug that cause “Arithmetic overflow error” when running the Inventory Valuation Summary Report.

  • Updated the formula used for margin calculation.

  • Fixed a bug where the Order by field would not be visible until a second Order by field was added.

  • Refunded deposit made through the Customer Vendor Central will reflect in the 1099 report.

  • Fixed an issue where the cost on the item card would not allow the number of decimals specified in Price Precision setting.

  • Made some interface improvements for Categorization in Cloud Banking

    • Changed the Re-Code button to “Re-Categorize”.

    • Change Match Patterns to Categorization Rules.

    • Changed Un-approved Transactions to New Transactions.

    • Changed Hide Transactions to Exclude Transactions in the Batch actions drop-down.

    • Changed Show Transactions to Restore Transactions in the Batch actions drop-down.

    • Changed Hidden Rows:  to Exclude Rows: in the show/hide toggle.

  • Fixed a bug where the account  would not default upon entering the register, leaving it blank.  

  • Fixed a bug that could cause  the duplication of a bank transaction if it is approved after re-categorize request is submitted.

  • You can enable Sales Order Prepayment in the Setting.

  • Updated the field names in the Universal Reports to be more user friendly.

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