Release Notes

Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added visual status indicators to the Sales Order list.

  • Visual shipping and invoicing indicators have been added to the Purchase Order list.

  • Item Adjustments may now be initiated from the Item Card.

  • Added Price Precision (decimals up to 4 places) to Projects / Time tracking.

  • Added several new attributes to Projects including Project Type, Status and fields for budgeting income, expenses and hours.

  • Added the ability to un-approve multiple transactions in Cloud Banking.

  • Added the ability to import ADP Payroll files.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved incidents of AvaTax Address Validation appearing in accounts that did not enable the AvaTax automatic sales tax calculation feature.

  • Resolved issue when using the Email functionality in Cash Sales.

  • Resolved incidents of Voided Payments not appearing in the cash based Income Statement.

  • Resolved false “duplicate check number” warning in Cloud Banking.

  • Resolved issue of Years not showing in the header on the printed accrual based Income Statement.

  • Resolved error message when sending Cash Receipts via email.

  • Corrected the date format on the Bank Reconciliation Report.

  • Resolved incidents where foreign exchange gains/losses were being recorded on cash receipts when foreign currency was not enabled.

ACS Version / 1C version

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