Release Notes

Release Notes


New Features

  • Moved the check number to a separate column in Cloud Banking making it easier to view and will allow sorting by check number.

  • Customer / Vendor code will now display next the Customer / Vendor Name in Quick Entry.

  • New report setting – ability to generate Income Statement (Accrual) by Customer / Vendor

  • Added a print form for Bank Reconciliations.

  • Enabled a compact UI mode in settings which allows more to be seen on the screen.

  • A setting to allow duplicate check numbers was added.

  • Easily create recurring Journal Entries.

  • Search box has been added to all list views.

  • The Data Import Module now includes progress bars and status messages.

  • A timer has been added to the Timetracking module.

  • For inventoried items, a new re-order point field triggers notifications when it’s time to re-order.   Note: The notification widget is not enabled by default and must be added to the start screen to see the notifications.

  • The following new functionality has been released in limited preview – Shipments, Lots, Serial Numbers, Assemblies, and  Item Receipts.  Please contact AccountingSuite at 888.328.8275 if you are interested in participating in this limited preview.

  • Default Posting Account changes –  Discounts and Allowances and Shipping Income fields are now required.  If you do not have the appropriate accounts set up for these items,  please consult with your accountant to create them.  Failure to indicate default accounts in the Settings may result in an error message if you are using features related to these accounts.  If you have questions regarding this, please call us at 888.328.8275 option 3.  

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue in Quick Entry after deleting a line that resulted in the error message – “transaction is not active”

  • Fixed an issue where deleting an empty line in quick entry would result in the message “In Quick Entry only deposits and payments can be deleted…”

  • Fixed an issue in Quick Entry where Total Deposit / Payment fields were being copied when navigating between periods.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed more than one line to be in the entry mode in Quick Entry

  • Fixed an issue where numbers were being exported as text rather than numbers in certain reports, preventing calculations from being done.

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