Release Notes

Release Notes

Boxer 6

May 19, 2018


Release Notes Boxer 6

  • Improved the User Experience of entering multiple email addresses in the “Email To” field when emailing documents and added an email picker.

  • We now include Sales Order and Shipment numbers on printed sales documents.

  • With the new date format option on the CSV mapping tab, the format of the date may be specified before importing transactions rather than having to change the format in the csv file.

  • Added the ability to copy Cash Receipts and Cash Sales.
  • Due to issues resulting from users forgetting to change the quantity of ordered items from the default of zero, we changed the default value for quantity to blank.
  • The account field on the register is now required when the entry does not have a bank account.
  • The sales order number is now shown on the Shipments list by default.

  • Reworded an error message when posting Bills that is more user friendly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sales by Item report did not include invoices created from shipment under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Bill Payments were generating random check/ref numbers.
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