Release Notes

Release Notes


The Boxer Release brings us lot of great new inventory features and other goodies!

Inventory Module


  • When copying an item, the Unit of Measure information is now copied with the rest of the fields.
  • A  default unit of measure for selling and a default unit of measure for purchasing may be specified on the item card rather than the on the Units of Measure Set.    This allows items that share the same Unit of Measure Set to have differing default selling and purchasing units.  (see below)

Changing the default sale unit can now be done on the item card
Changing the default sale unit can now be done on the item card

  • The following fields have been added to the inventory item card Weight, Height, Width, Length and dimension units of measurement. (see above)

  • The ability to add multiple images has been added to inventory items.

the item card
New additions to the item card



  • A Total Value column has been added to the inventory item list view.

New total Value field on item list
New total Value field on item list

Locations, Lots and Serial Numbers

  • The location field has been added to Credit Memos and Purchase Returns so the correct location’s inventory is updated when creating these documents.

Location on Credit Memo
Location on Credit Memo

  • When changing the quantities of previously entered items that have serial numbers, a pop-up will display that gives the ability to choose serial numbers for the quantity specified.
  • A new lot type that combines expiration date + lot number has been added.

New Lot Type
New Lot Type

Sales Module

  • Payment Terms are now displayed on Sales Orders and Quotes.
  • Sales Pal has been given a complete re-design, with additional information about the line and the order available as a pop-up.   The Sales Pal is now available on the Shipment document as well.

SalesPal Enhancements
Sales Pal Enhancements

  • Ship Via field has been added to the Purchase Order screens to specify to the vendor how to ship your order.

  • Purchase Returns now have print and email capabilities.


  • All Non-Financial reports use the same template for a consistent look.  
  • Updated and standardized alignment of report templates for Headers and Titles. (see 1 in image below)
  • Each Function in Reports now individually has the option to “reset to Default” rather than “reset to default” for the whole report. (2, below)
  • New “Eye-Con” and “X-Con icons assist with hiding and removing manually added filters. (3)
  • Added report settings may now be deleted by the user who created them. (4)
  • A new right-click menu added to the report fields (on the report that has been run) allows users to create filters and specify sorting options on the fly. (5) . 


  • Aging Reports now have an “As of <date>” that displays the date chosen by the user when running the report.



  • Document attachment preview has been added to the document attachment detail screen and is shown for the following files types:  documents (pdf, xls, xslx, txt) and images (png, jpeg, bmp).

Preview in Attachments
Preview in Attachments

  • Links may be stored as attachments and when clicked will load the site in a new window.

Eternal Links in Attachments
Eternal Links in Attachments

  • Images may now be pasted from the clipboard when attaching photos or other images.   

    Journal Entries

    • To exclude a journal entry from a Bank Reconciliation, check the checkbox marked “Do Not Reconcile” and click Post.

    Do Not Reconcile
    Do Not Reconcile

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