Release Notes

Release Notes


AccountingSuite is feature-rich but uncomplicated software that everyone at your company can use effectively. We constantly strive to “un-complicate” your business processes.

New Features

  • Improved Time Tracking! Time Tracking-only user role plus multi-day entries have been added, lending more efficiency and greater control.

  • Major API Update! Improved real-time API functionality and added an API method with a corresponding web hook to create Sales Orders.

  • Advanced Inventory Control!  Warehouse locations can now have hierarchical sublocations (i.e. specific building in a complex, warehouse zones or bins).

  • Redesigned Bank Integration!  Vastly improved bank account integration, including transactions that are automatically refreshed and categorized daily, payment/deposit record auto-creation and an improved user experience.

  • Business Process Automation!  Effortlessly email Sales Invoices, Cash Receipts, Credit Memos and Cash Sales with one click — no configuration needed.

  • Better Contract Management!  Sales Orders and Time Tracking records can be linked directly on the Time Tracking entry  form.

  • Added Customization!  Items and Customers each have five user-defined custom fields giving you new ways to tailor the software according to your specific business needs.

  • Detailed Vendor Tracking! Purchase Orders and Bills now have the ability to assign expected and actual delivery dates, classes, locations and projects on a line-item basis.

  • An Enhanced Price Matrix! A redesigned Price Matrix helps you “un-complicate” your pricing model.

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