Release Notes

Release Notes

Afador Update 2

  • With the new Batch Reclass feature, change accounts, companies, projects, and classes on transactions en mass.  How much time will this save you?

  • Filter transactions in Cloud Banking that have been marked as Matched, New or Transfer and work on them without the interference of other transcations.


  • Cloud Banking screen has helpful messages that will assist if the automatic connection to the bank didn’t occur successfully.

  • A new match rating has been added to the Cloud Banking match window that can help find matching transactions more quickly.   More likely matches will appear at the top of the list.

  • When clicking on a transaction that has been previously approved in Cloud Banking, the transaction will be opened in Cloud Banking and highlighted.
  • Cloud Banking transaction information is now updated with changes made to the transaction outside of Cloud Banking.
    • Lists that include a subset of Cloud Banking transactions may be exported to excel if a review is needed by a party that doesn’t have a login to AccountingSuite.“
  • When exporting transactions in Cloud Banking a preview is available along with the ability to email the export in many different formats.
  • Company may be added on the G/L tab when working with Bank Deposits without a Cash Receipt.
  • Projects on Journal Entries are now filtered by the Company in the entry.
  • A message will be displayed to the user if a transaction upload contains transactions with dates that fall after the Bank Feed Start Date in Bank Settings.
  • The Ask CPA account is no longer used when Cloud Banking does not have a suggested Account.  A suggested category will be displayed instead.

  • Improvements to Bank Transfers help prevent duplicate transactions by
    • automatically matching the transfer in the second account if both accounts are in Cloud Banking. 
    • running matching before categorization rules are run (even for auto-approved transfers).
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect address was printed in the email body on dropship POs.
  • Fixed a balance issue that occurred in imported Bill Payments that had an item on it multiple times.
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