Release Notes

Release Notes


We are working our way through the alphabet round two with Afador – and it’s a biggie!     Afador is the first of three major inventory releases that bring incredible new features and fix things that didn’t work the way you wanted them to.  Here are the major changes in the release.  Clicking the images will allow you to view them in a larger size.

  • The backordering mechanism has been completely overhauled.   Each line on a document now has a line number so the item may be tracked all of the way through the lifecycle of the transaction.   Even in the case where a single line on a sales order is split into multiple shipments, and several invoices, the system will keep accurate track of every single item on the transaction individually.   This also improves lots and serial number functionality.    Gone are the days of receiving the error message:   “Item xxx was not declared on sales order xxx”. Horray!  View screenshot.
  • Inventory module now has the capability to over and under-receive and over and under-ship items on Item Receipts / Bills and Shipments/Invoices.  Purchase Orders and Sales Orders  may be manually closed even when all originally ordered items have not been received/shipped.  View screenshot.
  • Different lots of the same item may now be added to sales and purchases documents.  View screenshot.
  • Ordered and Backordered quantities are now on printed on the Sales Invoice and Packing List print forms.  View screenshot.

  • Products and Services are now treated the same with regards to backordering.
  • Lots and Serial numbers are now supported in Assembly Builds.  View screenshot.

  • Credit Memos and Purchase Returns now support Lots and Serial Numbers.  View screenshot.


  • Order status have been renamed and are more accurate.   View screenshot.
  • The incorrect status of Backordered on fully received / shipped orders has been fixed.
  • Quantity field labels have been re-written to more accurately describe the quantity displayed.  View screenshot.
  • Expected Delivery Date has been renamed to Promise Date.
  • Improved the user-friendliness of Lots functionality.
  • When clearing the posting on a Bill, the status of the Item Receipt is updated to reflect the change.
  • To prevent accidental changes, the Unit of Measure field is set to read-only on all lines except the currently selected line.
  • The email print form functionality has been enhanced and is now much like the email report functionality.   This enhancement allows the user to send more than one document in many different formats to multiple recipients.

AccountingSuite version 1.3.02

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