Pricing Precision

targetPricing Precision allows for pricing inventory items with up to 4 decimal places.

With Pricing Precision each item in your inventory can be priced using up to 4 decimal places.     Calculations on invoices use all of the specified decimal places on the line item when calculating line totals.   Invoice totals are calculated using the two digit line totals.

Setting Up Pricing Precision

Once you enable Pricing Precision, it may not disabled.

Step 1:  Settings

  1. Navigate to Quick Menu –> Settings.
  2. Choose the Features Tab.
  3. Check the box labeled Use Precision Pricing.
  4. Change the number of decimal places to the maximum you will need to use.   Please note, to ensure accuracy in reporting, this number may not be set to a lower number after clicking save.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Log out of AccountingSuite and log back in.

Step 2:  Set up the items.

  1. Navigate to Inventory –> Items
  2. Select an item to use pricing precision.
  3. Click the setup tab and choose the number of decimal places.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. Log out of AccountingSuite and log back in.

Repeat Step 2 for each item that will use pricing precision.   If you have multiple items, you may wait until they have all been set up to complete Step 5.

★ The line total is rounded after the calculation of quantity x price.
★ Once the precision pricing feature has been enabled, it cannot be disabled.