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Dachshund 3

Release Date: 1/11/2019

Project Enhancements

Project Profitability Matrix

  • Redesigned the project profitability matrix – the customer list is now on the left with projects for the highlighted customer on right – very similar to the layout in customer / vendor central.   (1)
  • Show or Hide Columns easily with the new Column control or move them around with the arrows in the Control Bar. (2)
  • Drill down to individual transactions by clicking underlined figures. (3)
  • The Matrix now shows Project Totals (4)

Project Card

  • Enhanced the project detail card with project start and end dates and a more user-friendly experience.
  • Added expense and income charts and a Project Gantt chart.

Company Card

  • Company (customer) card now lists all projects for the customer in the project tab.
  • Double-click the project to view the Project Detail card.


  • Projects and Time tracking permissions are controlled at the user level.

Cloud Commerce

  • Updated address matching functionality which allows you to choose which fields and which addresses to update.
  • Better handling for orders without SKUs
  • Columns are more easily customized with the new Column Control.
  • Improved and more friendly UI
  • Improved handling of duplicate customer names
  • Added the choice to not use shipments on the store level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the shipment numbers printed multiple times on the printed sales invoice.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the saving of a user’s preferences to show/hide columns in the items grid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bank Reconciliation where totals were not updating when using the All | Cleared |Uncleared toggle.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Commerce where a space was added after a customer’s name in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where discounts were calculated incorrectly if the shipping cost was not zero.

Dachshund 2

Release Date: 12/7/2018

Happy Holidays!  

Here at AccountingSuite™  we have continued to take your feedback and make improvements to our software.   Our last release of this year has been completed and here we bring you the list of the changes we’ve made.   Thank you for being an Accountingsuite customer and we look forward to working with you in the new year!

Dachshund 2 Release Notes

New or enhanced features

  • Added a Creation Date for Statements.

  • Adjusted the fields on the Email screen for better visibility.
  • Changed the name of attached documents in emails to the name of the document being emailed.
  • Added the document number and date in the title on the Print Preview screen.

  • Added a new Vendor Payment report, available in all plans. 

  • Refactored the Bank Reconciliation Form, fixing several issues and adding additional features.

  • Added the ability to Un-Approve previously Approved transactions in Cloud Commerce.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented deleting a shipment after creating shipping labels.
  • Fixed an error where the Print Preview screen reported errors when large amounts of data was present.
  • Fixed an error where the report level did not match what was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Statements from being generated when Closing Date fell after the Statement Date.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Cash Receipts to be generated from Stripe charges when certain conditions were present.
  • Fixed multiple formatting issues with the Dropship Packing List Print Form.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bank Deposits from being created when Stripe transferred money to a bank account.

Corgi 4

June 29, 2018


  • Negative numbers are now shown in parenthesis instead of with a negative sign (-).   The format can be changed by right clicking and choosing ‘format’.
  • Headers are repeated on each report page.
  • The ability to add charts on reports has been added.
  • Regardless of the number of decimals chosen in settings, numbers on reports will default to two decimal places.  This may be changed by right clicking and choosing ‘format’
  • Period has been renamed “Fiscal” or “Calendar” depending on the setting in the Accounting tab in Settings.
  • Inactive companies may be filtered from reports.

Cloud Commerce

  • Added Cloud Commerce audit logs entries.
  • Improved the UI to only allow approval of orders when it was possible to do so.
  • Improved the readability of Cloud Commerce messages.
  • Improved Product Matching algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented email address from getting to AccountingSuite™ from ShipStation.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect time zones were being displayed for certain date fields.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the bill status to be incorrectly display as paid on bills that had expenses but no items.

Corgi 3

June 14, 2018

  • Purchase Returns may now be generated from Item Receipts.
  • Purchase Returns now use Weighted Average Cost or FIFO Cost layer instead of Expected Cost when performing calculations.
  • When over billing or over invoicing, the software will create a new line for the excess quantity.  User will be prompted to enter a reason for the over billing or over invoicing.

  • Created an Inventory Shipped not Yet Invoiced state that uses clearing accounts to account for orders that have been shipped but not yet invoiced.  This works very similarly to the Items Received not yet Billed functionality.
  • Item Receipts and Inventory Adjustments now included when calculating Item Last Cost.
  • Serial numbers are now checked for uniqueness on Shipments

  • When posting Sales Invoice, Shipment or Cash Sale, a dialog will inform you if there is a shortage of any items at the specified locations and give you the option to change the quantity or location.    The quantities available at each location will be shown so that the user can make an informed choice.

  • In Lots, the Vendor Code type has been renamed to Lot Number.

  • Purchase Returns will longer allow a quantity greater than that on the Bill/Item Receipt.
  • Fixed an issue where Customer/Vendor field was cleared when choosing a Sales Invoice/Bill during the creation of Credit Memos/Purchase Returns.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message “Failed to posting a bill payment” after posting a PO that had been previously posted.
  • Fixed an issue when assigning serial numbers that provided an incorrect count needed.



June 1, 2018

    Corgi brings us a bit update to Cloud Commerce!

    Cloud Commerce Changes

    We’ve given Cloud Commerce* a complete overhaul and we think you’ll find it amazing!   Highlights include:

    • Using Shipstation**  as an aggregator, connect your eCommerce site (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Squarespace, Square, Volusion, Storenvy, OpenCart, ZenCart, Yahoo***…… and many more!
    • Orders automatically come in from your eCommerce Store  into ShipStation where you can ship them and then flow right into AccountingSuite – Invoice and Cash Receipts included.   Talk about losing data entry headaches!

    The changes that were made during this release include:

    • The integrations tab in settings has been redesigned to make it easier to use. (see 1, below)
    • The Cloud Commerce interface was re-designed to be very similar to the Cloud Banking interface – but instead of transactions, you have Orders, Customers, Products, and Locations which can be added, matched and approved.  (Figure 2)
    • When adding products, the system will prompt you to add quantity on hand and cost information. (Figure 3)
    • Redesigned the Package information page that is filled out when generating labels.  (Figure 4)

    Figure 1: The integration settings page for ShipStation.

    Simply click the link to go to ShipStation and copy the API key and secret to AccountingSuite. Enable labels and sync your stores and you’re ready to go!   Watch a video.


    cloud commerce

    Figure 2: The main cloud commerce screen.


    Figure 3: The system will prompt you to add quantity on hand and cost information when approving products coming in from stores.

    Print Shipping Labels

    Figure 4: Package Configuration (Print Shipping Labels)


    *Cloud Commerce is available with our Professional w/ eCommerce Package only.  See our pricing page for details.

    **ShipStation is a paid third-party service and to use the features described in this section, you must have a ShipStation account.

    ***You may need to be on a specific plan with your eCommerce Store in order to integrate.   Check with the vendor to ensure you have what is required to use the API.


    We have also created a direct integration with Square which will automatically create Cash Sales when a POS transaction is completed via Square.

    Square Integration

    Figure 5: Square Integration


    • Customer / Vendor code is now displayed in drop-down menus.

    • Fixed a bug with ShipStation labels that removed spaces between the first and last names of the recipient when printing the labels.
    • Resolved an issue with labels containing special characters.

    Boxer 6

    May 19, 2018


    Release Notes Boxer 6

    • Improved the User Experience of entering multiple email addresses in the “Email To” field when emailing documents and added an email picker.

    • We now include Sales Order and Shipment numbers on printed sales documents.

    • With the new date format option on the CSV mapping tab, the format of the date may be specified before importing transactions rather than having to change the format in the csv file.

    • Added the ability to copy Cash Receipts and Cash Sales.
    • Due to issues resulting from users forgetting to change the quantity of ordered items from the default of zero, we changed the default value for quantity to blank.
    • The account field on the register is now required when the entry does not have a bank account.
    • The sales order number is now shown on the Shipments list by default.

    • Reworded an error message when posting Bills that is more user friendly.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sales by Item report did not include invoices created from shipment under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where Bill Payments were generating random check/ref numbers.

    Boxer Update 2

    March 2, 2018

    • Improved the security of SSN Storage.
    • Renamed total columns in bank register for credit card accounts to Charges (money out) and Payments (money in).
    • Added new Bank permissions for users.
    • Added Purchase Returns to the Business Edition.

    Boxer 5

    Boxer Update 5 is here!   In this update we made the following changes:

    • Changed the titles on the Project / Jobs transaction lists to be more descriptive and to show which project the shown transactions belong.
    • Improved the audit logs by adding the document number to all entries when a document number exists.
    • When copying a sales order to create a new one, promise date is no longer copied to the new one.
    • Corrected the display of the sales order number hyperlink on cash receipts to be consistent with the display of other hyperlinks.
    • In Statements, renamed the Email Selected button to Email to be consistent with the button in other modules.
    • Fixed an issue where Payment Terms would not carry over from the Sales Order to the Shipment.
    • Fixed an issue where the footer images on print forms could not be removed in the Print Form Setup tab in Settings.

    Boxer 4

    The Boxer Release brings us lot of great new inventory features and other goodies!

    Inventory Module


    • When copying an item, the Unit of Measure information is now copied with the rest of the fields.
    • A  default unit of measure for selling and a default unit of measure for purchasing may be specified on the item card rather than the on the Units of Measure Set.    This allows items that share the same Unit of Measure Set to have differing default selling and purchasing units.  (see below)

    Changing the default sale unit can now be done on the item card

    Changing the default sale unit can now be done on the item card

    • The following fields have been added to the inventory item card Weight, Height, Width, Length and dimension units of measurement. (see above)

    • The ability to add multiple images has been added to inventory items.

    the item card

    New additions to the item card



    • A Total Value column has been added to the inventory item list view.

    New total Value field on item list

    New total Value field on item list

    Locations, Lots and Serial Numbers

    • The location field has been added to Credit Memos and Purchase Returns so the correct location’s inventory is updated when creating these documents.

    Location on Credit Memo

    Location on Credit Memo

    • When changing the quantities of previously entered items that have serial numbers, a pop-up will display that gives the ability to choose serial numbers for the quantity specified.
    • A new lot type that combines expiration date + lot number has been added.

    New Lot Type

    New Lot Type

    Sales Module

    • Payment Terms are now displayed on Sales Orders and Quotes.
    • Sales Pal has been given a complete re-design, with additional information about the line and the order available as a pop-up.   The Sales Pal is now available on the Shipment document as well.

    SalesPal Enhancements

    Sales Pal Enhancements

    • Ship Via field has been added to the Purchase Order screens to specify to the vendor how to ship your order.

    • Purchase Returns now have print and email capabilities.


    • All Non-Financial reports use the same template for a consistent look.  
    • Updated and standardized alignment of report templates for Headers and Titles. (see 1 in image below)
    • Each Function in Reports now individually has the option to “reset to Default” rather than “reset to default” for the whole report. (2, below)
    • New “Eye-Con” and “X-Con icons assist with hiding and removing manually added filters. (3)
    • Added report settings may now be deleted by the user who created them. (4)
    • A new right-click menu added to the report fields (on the report that has been run) allows users to create filters and specify sorting options on the fly. (5) . 


    • Aging Reports now have an “As of <date>” that displays the date chosen by the user when running the report.



    • Document attachment preview has been added to the document attachment detail screen and is shown for the following files types:  documents (pdf, xls, xslx, txt) and images (png, jpeg, bmp).

    Preview in Attachments

    Preview in Attachments

    • Links may be stored as attachments and when clicked will load the site in a new window.

    Eternal Links in Attachments

    Eternal Links in Attachments

    • Images may now be pasted from the clipboard when attaching photos or other images.   

      Journal Entries

      • To exclude a journal entry from a Bank Reconciliation, check the checkbox marked “Do Not Reconcile” and click Post.

      Do Not Reconcile

      Do Not Reconcile

      Afador Update 2

      • With the new Batch Reclass feature, change accounts, companies, projects, and classes on transactions en mass.  How much time will this save you?

      • Filter transactions in Cloud Banking that have been marked as Matched, New or Transfer and work on them without the interference of other transcations.


      • Cloud Banking screen has helpful messages that will assist if the automatic connection to the bank didn’t occur successfully.

      • A new match rating has been added to the Cloud Banking match window that can help find matching transactions more quickly.   More likely matches will appear at the top of the list.

      • When clicking on a transaction that has been previously approved in Cloud Banking, the transaction will be opened in Cloud Banking and highlighted.
      • Cloud Banking transaction information is now updated with changes made to the transaction outside of Cloud Banking.
        • Lists that include a subset of Cloud Banking transactions may be exported to excel if a review is needed by a party that doesn’t have a login to AccountingSuite.“
      • When exporting transactions in Cloud Banking a preview is available along with the ability to email the export in many different formats.
      • Company may be added on the G/L tab when working with Bank Deposits without a Cash Receipt.
      • Projects on Journal Entries are now filtered by the Company in the entry.
      • A message will be displayed to the user if a transaction upload contains transactions with dates that fall after the Bank Feed Start Date in Bank Settings.
      • The Ask CPA account is no longer used when Cloud Banking does not have a suggested Account.  A suggested category will be displayed instead.

      • Improvements to Bank Transfers help prevent duplicate transactions by
        • automatically matching the transfer in the second account if both accounts are in Cloud Banking. 
        • running matching before categorization rules are run (even for auto-approved transfers).
      • Fixed an issue where the incorrect address was printed in the email body on dropship POs.
      • Fixed a balance issue that occurred in imported Bill Payments that had an item on it multiple times.