Release Date: 10/26/2018

Customizable Print Forms. Backordering enhancements. Serial number refactoring.   More new features than you can shake a stick at.


  • Added a field on Journal entries to indicate draft or posted status.

  • Reworked backordering for efficiency and reliability.
  • Moved Backordering information to a new section next to the lines.

  • Reworked serial number logic for added reliability.
  • Increased the size of the Sales Order number field to accommodate large order numbers coming in from eBay, Amazon and other integrated eCommerce vendors.
  • Changed Footers on all Sales Documents to be consistent.
  • Added descriptive names to Emailed attachments.

  • Added the ability to create and customize multiple print form templates for all print forms.

  • Reworked the footer display on all Print Forms.
  • Added filters and improved date range picking on the Check Register (now called the Payment Register)
  • Added the ability to set custom numbering for Cash Sales.
  • Improved page display when print forms print on multiple pages.
  • Updated print preview to show an actual preview of the document in PDF format.
  • Renamed fields in field pickers to be more descriptive and removed duplicates.
  • Changed the display of footers on print forms to display at the very bottom of the page regardless of content.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of Bill Payment in the Test Company.
  • Fixed a bug that brought in incorrect subtotals in certain transactions from integrated eCommerce vendors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented posting deposits if documents contained lines that had been partially deposited.