Dachshund 5

Dachshund 5

Release Date: April 4, 2019


  • On Bank Reconciliations, the statement balance from the previous reconciliation now pre-fills when creating a new reconciliation. (image)
  • Added an invoice status icon to the time tracking list screen. (image)
  • Totals in filtered lists are now available. (image)
  • Added the ability to export lists with grouped columns. (image)
  • Added Advanced Customization to the Statements custom print form. (image)
  • An “as of” date has been added to the Chart of Accounts for historical purposes. (image)
  • Added the ability to choose custom print form templates when emailing documents. (image)
  • Redesigned the compose email screen and added a mail merge feature with batch email capabilities (image).
  • Added an internal print form for Warehouse Transfers. (image)
  • Print Form templates may now be assigned to specific companies. (image)
  • A printed Bank Reconciliation may now easily be saved in the Attached Documents. (image)
  • Transactions after the closing date may now be added in Cloud Banking after accepting a warning window.
  • Multiple bank reconciliations from the same month may now be posted.
  • Cloud Banking transactions may easily be filtered by clicking a cell and choosing “filter by selected”. (image)
  • Added the choice to show or hide address matching screen when exact addresses exist.
  • Added the ability to select all matched transactions in Cloud Banking. (image)
  • Added the ability to show Unapproved Bank Transactions in Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Matched documents now use the Bank Date in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Approved documents will now be un-reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation when un-approving them in Cloud Banking.
  • The header in Bank Reconciliations may now be hidden to create more work space. (image)
  • Date has been renamed to Ledger Date in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Book balance has been named to Ledger Balance in Bank Reconciliations.
  • Filter by selection functionality is now available in Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Added a search feature for transactions in the Bank Reconciliation. (image)
  • A Bank Reconciliation wizard has been added to assist with the creation of new Bank Reconciliations. (image)
  • Un-matching and un-approval capabilities are now available in the approval history in Cloud Commerce and Cloud Payables.
  • An option to Save Period is available in the Cloud Banking period selection window.


  • Fixed an issue where an error about categorization rules appears after checking the credit card checkbox on other current liability accounts in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Projects on Quotes are now correctly filtered when the company field has been filled.
  • When grouping by category on list screens users will no longer receive “Object field not found (Assembly)” error.
  • Fixed an error that prevented Credit Memos from being created in Customer / Vendor Central.
  • The Shipment Cost field is now editable.
  • Inactive companies no longer appear on the Quick Entry screen.
  • Corrected validation when incorrect account type is present in the main posting account.
  • Fixed an error preventing the Dropship Sales report from running in certain situations.
  • Corrected an error that sometimes prevented time tracking records to be linked their corresponding invoice.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented approved Cloud Banking from displaying after restoring settings to default.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented proper sales tax figures from coming into AccountingSuite™️ from the source.
  • Multiple bank reconciliations from the same month may now be posted.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Banking that prevented Bills from being correctly matched.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented related document from opening when clicking on a transaction in Cloud Banking.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Payables that sometimes created an account in the Chart of Accounts with a blank code and/or order.
  • Filtered or sorted transactions are now left intact after taking action on a transaction instead of being reset.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Bank Reconciliation totals from displaying correctly when changing view options.
  • Fixed an issue where Company value was reset when unchecking match lines in Cloud Banking.