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Release Date: 1/31/2019

Dropship Makeover!

We’ve given dropshipping a little bit of beef – check out the new features.

  • Our Dropshipping features now allow your company to be in the role of the company selling the product, the dropship vendor or a combination of both.  
  • Created special Dropship Quotes, Dropship Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Dropship Sales Invoices.   Also Introduced the Dropship Delivery (figure 1) document that can be used in lieu of shipment/item receipt when your company doesn’t need to ever have the inventory on your books.  Printing this gives you a new Proof of Delivery document (Figure 2)
  • Dropship Purchase Orders may be created from individual lines on Sales Orders (see figure 1, (1) ) for the times when you can’t fulfill the order and relay on a third-party vendor.    All are tracked back to the Sales Order and a dropship status has been added (2)
Figure 1, Dropship Delivery
Figure 2, Proof of Delivery
Figure 3, Dropship POs from Sales Order Line Items