Dachshund 3

Release Date: 1/11/2019

Project Enhancements

Project Profitability Matrix

  • Redesigned the project profitability matrix – the customer list is now on the left with projects for the highlighted customer on right – very similar to the layout in customer / vendor central.   (1)
  • Show or Hide Columns easily with the new Column control or move them around with the arrows in the Control Bar. (2)
  • Drill down to individual transactions by clicking underlined figures. (3)
  • The Matrix now shows Project Totals (4)

Project Card

  • Enhanced the project detail card with project start and end dates and a more user-friendly experience.
  • Added expense and income charts and a Project Gantt chart.

Company Card

  • Company (customer) card now lists all projects for the customer in the project tab.
  • Double-click the project to view the Project Detail card.


  • Projects and Time tracking permissions are controlled at the user level.

Cloud Commerce

  • Updated address matching functionality which allows you to choose which fields and which addresses to update.
  • Better handling for orders without SKUs
  • Columns are more easily customized with the new Column Control.
  • Improved and more friendly UI
  • Improved handling of duplicate customer names
  • Added the choice to not use shipments on the store level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the shipment numbers printed multiple times on the printed sales invoice.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the saving of a user’s preferences to show/hide columns in the items grid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bank Reconciliation where totals were not updating when using the All | Cleared |Uncleared toggle.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Commerce where a space was added after a customer’s name in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where discounts were calculated incorrectly if the shipping cost was not zero.