Corgi Update 7

August 17, 2018

  • Improved the workflow and usability when emailing multiple statements to more than one company.
  • Added the option to Print Customer Statements directly from Customer / Vendor Central.
  • Generated Customer Statements now are listed along with the other transactions in Customer/ Vendor Central.
  • Added versioning in the Customer Statement Audit Log.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented printing multiple Customer Statements.

Corgi 7Corgi 7 is here! Check out all of the awesome new functionality and bug fixes here.

Customer Statement Enhancements

Project / Time Tracking Enhancements

  • Added a column in the Time Tracking list indicating whether or not the record is billed or unbilled.
  • Time Tracking Create button not offers the choice of a single or multiple record input form.
  • The hours column is clickable and shows the records associated with the number of hours in the column.
  • Changed the multiple record entry form to allow for the rapid entry of time tracking records by moving the common fields to the top and laying out the entry similar the Bank Register.
  • Added copy buttons to facilitate rapid entry.
  • If a sales order does not exist for a time tracking record(s), the system will offer to create one for you.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Assemblies may now be disassembled.
  • Serial numbers are now not required on item receipts if the checkbox on the item detail regarding serial numbers and item receipts is not checked.
  • The description field on the location detail has been expanded to display 50 characters. 
  • The item pop-up list that appears when selecting the item to transfer on warehouse transfers now displays price.
  • Consignments have arrived!  The new functionality includes indicators on the location, customer, cash sale and warehouse transfer forms that the object is related to consignment.     A new consignment report has also been provided as well as a field to add the consignment fees.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Shipping costs calculated and brought in via the Shipstation integration now populate on shipment document and are not editable.