Corgi 9

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► Customer Statements now have email templates!  Use new mail merge tags to send Customer Statements en masse and still be personal!  Multiple templates my be saved to make your communications just the way you want them.    Set common text and then personalize one or more emails even further.

►  We also optimized printing multiple statements – no more Wait or Quit message!  Print as many as you want!

► If multiple statements are created for a company, one email with all statements/supporting documents in created and can be sent together.

► Improved the process for changing user rights when that user was logged in.

► In the Bank Register, we re-worded an error message that was not very user friendly when attempting to change the amount on a Cloud Banking transaction.  Also improved the handling of changing amounts in Bank Registers for transactions that were approved through Cloud Banking.

► Sales Orders may now be created from a time-tracking record if one does not exist.   All fields will be automatically populated.

► On Sales transaction entry forms, we limited the list of available companies to choose from to just Customer and Customer/ Vendor companies.  For Purchase transaction entry forms, only Vendors and Customer / Vendor companies will be available.

► Fixed an issue when working with clearing accounts that was marking certain transactions as reconciled, therefore preventing them from appearing on reconciliations.

► Bank transfers may be completed with bank accounts that have different currencies.

► Sales Invoices may be emailed multiple times, and payments may be made from any email send from the invoice until the balance reaches zero.