Corgi 10

  • Added the ability to unlink sales orders from time tracking records (see Figure 1, below)
  • Renamed Projects / Jobs to Projects / Time to more accurately reflect the menu items and content. (Figure 2.)
  • Changed the date selectors in Statements to match other date selectors for consistency. (Figure 3.)
  • Added a Customer filter to Income Statement by Project. (Figure 4.)
  • Limited the list of projects displayed in Projects / Time to only open projects. (Figure 5.)
  • Enhanced the project budgeting feature. (Figure 6.)
  • Added Return Address to Credit Memo print form. (Figure 7.)
  • Fixed footers on Cash Receipt and Credit Memo print forms.
  • Reports now default to the chosen accounting method, cash or accrual. (Figure 8)
  • Made the Contact Name field consistent on all print forms.

Figure 1
Figure 2, Projects / Time Menu

Figure 3, Period selection window in Statements.

Figure 4, Company filter in Income Statement by Project.

Figure 5, Project Selection list in time entry now only shows active projects.

Figure 6, Project Budgeting

Figure 7, Credit Memo print form.

Figure 1, unlinking a Sales Order from a time tracking record