AccountingSuite Academy

AccountingSuite Academy provides subscribers with the training they need in order to be successful in their business with of software.   We offer a series of How To Videos, instructor-led virtual classrooms, and in-person training at our facility in San Francisco.    Currently, our training program is free but is only available to paid subscribers.

In addition to classes,  holds an open forum on Fridays called Ask Me Anything (AMA).   Get all of your off-the-wall questions answered here and learn from others asking questions about real life situations that have come up for them.  View the calendar for details on these offerings and how to register.

Current Offerings

Beginner Bootcamp

7 day Beginner Bootcamp

Our Beginner Bootcamp is a series of 7 classes that cover AccountingSuite functionality in its entirety.  If your job function does not require knowledge presented in one of the classes, it may be skipped but Class 1 is a prerequisite for any of the rest as it covers topics that are system wide and important.     Those successfully completing all seven classes will receive AccountingSuite Certification.  Classes are held upon request.    To request one or more classes on the topics below, please call our training facilitator or fill out this training request form.

Class One: Getting Around

Class Two: Sales and Purchases Workflows

Class Three: Inventory

Class Four: Banking and Accounting

Class Five:  Projects, Time Tracking

Class Six: Advanced Features

Class Seven: Reporting

Beginner Bootcamp 1 ½ Day Intensive

The 1 ½ day intensive covers the same material that the 7 day does but we spend 6 hours the first day and approximately 4 hours the second day to thoroughly cover the software.   This class can be taken virtually or in-person at our San Francisco offices.

Ask AccountingSuite Anything!

So it’s the end of the long week and you have several tasks that just don’t seem to be getting done before the 5 o’clock bell.  The problem?  You’re not sure how to complete a task or handle a situation in AccountingSuite.   We got you covered - join us for our AMA (Ask Me Anything) Fridays - an open forum where you can come ask us anything and cross those items off your list.  If for any reason we can’t answer the question, it’s still off your plate - we’ll find the answer for you and get it to you on Monday.     

Happens every Friday from 10am-11am Pacific Time.   Join us here.  

AccountingSuite Workflow Overview

Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Item receipts:  This class will answer the question "What comes next?".    The answer isn't always the same.   You'll leave the class with some great resources that will help you with your workflow.  See the calendar for class times and link to register.

Sales Order and Purchase Order Prepayments

Does your business sometimes request payments at the time of ordering?   This is fast becoming a standard in the world of small business.    Learn how to create Prepayments in AccountingSuite in this 1/2 hour session.  See the calendar for class times and link to register.

Reporting in AccountingSuite

Learn how to run reports in AccountingSuite.   See how the customizations allow you to get the data you need.   We'll also spend some time with the Universal Report - a highly customizable report that gets you almost anything you need.  See the calendar for class times and link to register.

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Upcoming Classes

Day 1: Getting Started

Beginner Bootcamp Day 1: Getting Started


  • Logging in
  • Test Company/ Sandbox Creation
  • Application Layout
  • Navigation
  • Searching
  • Icons and their functions
  • User Interface elements like drop-downs and number fields
  • Customization of the user interface
  • How to Get Help


Beginner Bootcamp Day 1 Slides


Beginner Bootcamp Day 1: Getting Started Video

Day 2: Cloud Banking & Customer / Vendor Central

Beginner Bootcamp Day 2: Cloud Banking & Customer Vendor Central


Customer / Vendor Central

• View all customers, vendors and transaction history.

• View overall balance and individual transaction


• Create New Customers / Vendors

• View Customer / Vendor Details

• Inactivate Customers / Vendors

• Create Transactions and Documents

Cloud Banking

  • Connecting your banks and credit cards
  • Working with Downloaded Transactions
  • Auto-Categorization rules


Beginner Bootcamp Winter 2017 – Day 2 Cloud Banking & Customer Vendor Central


Video from Day 2

Day 3: Inventory

Beginner Bootcamp Day 3: Inventory


  • Custom Fields
  • Items
  • Multi-location
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Assemblies
  • Units of Measure
  • Other topics:  Lots and Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Reporting


Winter 2017 Beginner Bootcamp Class 3 Inventory


Day 3 Video

Day 4: Workflows and Order Management

Beginner Bootcamp Day 4: Workflows and Order Management


  • Sales Documents
  • Purchases Documents
  • Workflow


Beginner Bootcamp Day 4 – Workflows and Order Management



Day 5: Banking, Accounting, Projects, Time tracking, Reports

Beginner Bootcamp Day 5: Banking, Accounting, Projects, Time tracking, Reports


  • Bank Transfers
  • Bank Deposits
  • Journal Entries
  • Budgets
  • Projects
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Bank Register
  • Bank Reconciliation



  • Video Not available at this time.

Beginner Bootcamp

 Join us for a 5 part training class covering all major components of AccountingSuite.  Each 1.5 hour class will be packed full of useful instruction, tips and tricks and discussion that will get you moving forward with our software.

Register now for a no-cost registration (for a limited time only).    There are a limited number of seats available, so register today to save your spot.

Training Type: Instructor led Virtual Classroom

Schedule:  June 12-16, 3:-4:30pm Pacific Time

Registration: Click Here to Register.  Registration required.

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